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Welcome! You are no doubt here because you followed the donation link from Simple Post Templates. If you wish to support the on-going development of my template plugins, the best way to do so is to purchase Better Post Template.

Exclusive Offer

Because you are a Simple Post Templates user, you can purchase Better Post Templates for only $14.99.  That’s a $5.00 savings!

Benefits of Upgrading

  • Uses a more robust template system.
  • Supports practically all of WordPress post features including custom post types, categories, tags, custom fields, featured images, etc.
  • Provides more control over advanced features. (you can disable inline PHP for more security)
  • Allows you to set your templates to autoload per post type.
  • And even better:  It automatically converts your existing Simple Post Template templates!

By upgrading, you’ll be contributing to both products, but more importantly you’ll be getting something of real value in return!


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