Full-featured WordPress post templates plugin.

Write Once, Use Many

Simple, pre-written templates for your posts, pages, and other content types.


  • Create templates and link them to post types.
  • Load your templates automatically for new posts.
  • Make your templates dynamic with inline PHP.
  • Supports categories, tags, featured images, etc.
  • Automatically imports your Simple Post Template templates!

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Time is Money — Post Templates Save It

With Better Post Templates, you can create templates for each of your commonly used post formats. And, with full Custom Post Type integration, you can associate a template with each Custom Post Type and load your templates automagically!


You can setup your templates to autoload, with a specific template assigned to each custom post type. Or disable templates altogether for a specific CPT.

Dynamic PHP

Sometimes shortcodes aren't enough. Use PHP in your post templates for maximum control.

Only Everything

You can assign categories, tags, post formats, page templates, custom fields, and even featured images to your templates.

Better Post Templates is the best solution for WordPress post templates available. It is an indispensable addition for our clients.

Joseph Hinson, Out:think Group